Industry solutions

Our extensive experience and wide-ranging infrastructure enables us to offer industry-specific logistics services in the fields of food, heavy-lift cargo, bulk cargo and container shipping.


Ideal infrastructure for foodstuffs and agricultural products

Thanks to our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we specialise in the transportation, handling and storage of foodstuffs and agricultural products. We guarantee the appropriate and expert treatment of all materials and items entrusted to us at all times.

Our services

  • Sampling inspections / Quality checks
  • Storage in temperature-controlled storage cells
  • Handling with state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Handling capacity of up to 600m³/h
  • Cargo loading onto trains and trucks
  • Cutting-edge silo installations with a storage capacity of 110,000mt
  • Open customs warehouse (OZL) status for the storage of transit goods

We look forward to hearing from you:

Christoph Adam (sales)
Tel. +41 61 639 72 46​

Franck Muller (scheduling)
Tel. +41 61 639 72 36​

Heavy-lift cargo

As a logistics partner for machinery, heavy-lift cargo and individual projects, we specialise in the transportation, receipt, handling and storage of all types of machinery and heavy-lift cargoes at the Auhafen terminal in Muttenz.

We can provide a cross-dock service for unit weights of up to 600mt, as well as oversized items. Profit from our know-how: If requested, our specialists will gladly prepare lifting plans or entire method statements.

Efficient logistics chains

The logistics chains at Ultra-Brag AG are short and efficient. The Rhine quay, sidings and vehicle access routes are located right next to each other.

Our certified packing company Packexport AG is also located in the immediate vicinity at the adjacent Auhafen and guarantees seaworthy packing.

From Basel to Antwerp, Rotterdam and Vlissingen

Our fleet of general cargo and container ships operates scheduled services between Basel’s Port of Switzerland and Antwerp / Rotterdam / Vlissingen. In addition, we offer routes throughout the network of European inland waterways.

Professionalism and safety all the way

We load and secure machinery and accessories professionally on flat racks and in containers. Moreover, we manage the timely presentation of containers to customs for you.

If you want to temporarily store your cargo, e.g. machinery and accessories, in free status or in an open customs warehouse (OZL), you can make full use of our covered and monitored storage facilities.

We look forward to hearing from you:

Christoph Adam (sales)
Tel. +41 61 639 72 46

Sandro Melis (scheduling & sales)
Tel. +41 61 639 72 47
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Bulk cargo

Specialist for bulk and dry bulk cargoes

Handling, storage and transport services for bulk and dry bulk cargoes constitute a key element of our core business. Our state-of-the-art terminals and storage options are set up with trimodal capability and are accessible by road, rail and water.

Examples of bulk cargoes:

  • Paper products / Pulp
  • Timber / Wood chip
  • All types of steel products
  • Aluminium
  • Paving stones and building bricks

Examples of dry bulk cargoes:

  • Recycling products / All types of waste (scrap, excavated materials, etc.)
  • Coal products
  • Gravel / Sand
  • Fertiliser
  • Salt

Thanks to our versatile service package, we are able to offer an individually tailored range of services from a single source.

We look forward to hearing from you:

Martin Tschopp (sales)
Tel. +41 61 639 72 49​

Container shipping

High-capacity container line

We operate a high-capacity container line, featuring four push-barge combinations, twice a week to the sea ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. This enables rapid import acceptance and short transit times for export requirements.

Terminals for container handling

Our terminals developed for container handling in Basel Kleinhüningen and at the Auhafen port in Muttenz enable us to offer the following services:

  • Stripping and stuffing of containers, also covered
  • Distribution and picking
  • Reefer connections
  • Cargo loading onto trains, trucks or inland navigation vessels
  • Open customs warehouse (OZL) status for the storage of transit goods

We look forward to hearing from you:

Ralph Schiely (sales & scheduling)
Tel. +41 61 319 73 58

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